Kim Kardashian Hollywood: Build the strategy to stay


It is not possible that a player will attempt the entire task at the time, but there are some games where the player can efficiently perform the whole task. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a simple but challenging game to play. In the role-playing game, the user needs to live the life of celebrity and increase the level of the task. The dating task is straightforward in the entire game because it just depends on the gender you have chosen. Did you know? The whole game has 4 currencies: cash, energy, experience, and starts. All four are very useable in the game. If you are confused about playing the game, then check Kim Kardashian Hollywood Review.


For playing the game, you need some plans which are given below:

  • The journey of this game starts with playing the role of a young girl who has big dreams. As we are talking about, Kim Kardashian, so all people like to join her in photographs.
  • The celebrity life is tough to live because through the game, and the player needs to spend all the winning cash for buying the best outfit for the red carpet.
  • The starts will help the player to stay in the role-playing game. As much as the stars will be collected, it will increase the chance to stay in the game.
  • Make it sure that whatever you are in the game but the fans must be increased.
  • Kim K’s Hollywood might be a light on mechanics, yet it keeps players occupied by constraining them to tap everything in sight. You gather cash and experience when it drops, and different prizes for finishing undertakings.
  • One of the indications on the in-game screens says that tapping to collect these things makes your vitality restore somewhat quicker.

Thus, these are some strategies that help the player to stay in the game for a longer duration.