Hay day learn how to earn money? And manage the crops

Hay day is one of the best games in the mobile game category. The game is based on farming life and how to manage a farm. Hay day is all about farming crops and sale and feed animals and use them in farming life. In the game, the player needs to do local business and earn profit from it. The main currency of this game is Coin, and the premium currency is Diamond. Well, if some of you are thinking of having unlimited diamond and coins, you can find it here hay day hack tools service.

Ways to earn a better way

·        Do not run out of Crop Seed – If you want to double the money, all you need to do harvest the crops. There is a various method of earning in-game, and one of the methods is that if a player crop one seed, it will be double of its real value after harvesting. If players want to have diamonds, they can purchase it from the store.

·        Don’t bother with visitors on the farm – the visitors only at the farm to purchase goods that you harvest but they actually don’t pay you much amount of crops you put for sale. You should just stick with them, and if they are really interested in your price, they will buy probably.

·        Balance money with experience – the game is all about coins and experience. If the experience gets high, the locked things will get unlock very easily. And after players can buy unlockable things. Both things should be perfectly balanced with each other and also can try hay day hack tools too

·        To fill the coffers, use the roadside stand – There are so many ways that player can earn a good amount. Rather than selling to the visitors, sell the goods to your friends and followers who also play the same game.