Critical Ops – keep the ball rolling with shooting


The game Critical has lots of different feature and function for the player to play and enjoy. They will be discussed in the next coming paragraphs. The main target of the game is to defeat or know down the enemies’ team. The game is enjoyed at any screen such as PC, Mac and many more. the game Critical Ops means Critical Cops and it is also facilitate its users with Critical Ops Cheats that can be used at the time of difficult or when you are in need.

Let’s have a look at different game modes

  • The game has consisted of three different kinds of playing modes. They are below mentioned.
    • The game mainly has three types which are Defuse in it player’s opponent team plants some C4 bombs and player’s team has to defuse them as per the name define itself.
    • Second type is of Deathmatch where player and his team kill all the enemy team’s member to have an upper hand in the game points and scores. The score of the player must be higher than the team of terrorist. Before the time ends they have to have such higher score.
    • Finally, the third type is of Gun Game. Each and every player starts with an MP5 and has to go through 15 advanced levels.

What game offers about GamePlay

The game Critical offers very fascinating and awesome Game Play and graphics of the game is quite luring its users and players. The interesting game is based on mechanics quite popular Counter Strike.

The creator of the game has created very nice shooter and has given more detail about the bigger maps and more advanced weapons. Here player can use Critical Ops Cheats as well as weapons skins can also be changed as per the player preference.