Brawl Stars- a guide on the brawlers

Brawl Stars is a shooting game which is played online. It is very much interesting and if you are a beginner then you need to know about the brawlers to achieve victory. Here is the guide on the brawler.

Guide on Brawlers

l  Nita: The Nita is a good player or character who has great skills in defending  and who uses the bear for tanking. Without any specials Nita may lose the battle but it only happens rarely. You will have to use this character and try to attack the rivals and when you get the special you can easily use them to push way the opponent team and take them away from Gem Mine. It has very powerful range for attacking the opponents and it may have a slower speed than other characters but you don’t have to panic. You just need to run properly.

l  Barley: This character has immense control power. It uses its attack to keep away the rivals from the gems and the special of his is insane when it comes to damaging anything. You just have to hide behind the walls and then throw the attack. You have to target the Gem Mine so that you can keep your enemies away from the gems. You can place the attacks when the enemies are near the corner or in any tight area so that your attack will land properly. The special can create a blast in an area with a large radius but it has very little stuns.

l  Shelly: It is a basic character and the gun that it has requires a little aim for attacking and the special is very much average. There is no such flaws present in it and it works great as support. Here you can easily use you auto attacks for rushing down the squishes and also when you are going to lead for killing. The special attacks can do an enormous damage to your target and can you easily finish them with the regular attacks. You can easily win the game if you are successful from staying away from Shelly’s attack.

l  El Primo: This character is hard to escape from. It has massive damaging capability. El Primo is the most powerful character which is present in the game and also an easy melee character. It has huge health and with its decent speed it can run towards the player ad attack them. You can damage this character by using the Colt for knocking him out quickly. Dynamik’s knock backs and special moves of Shelly can help you to push this character away.

Game mode: Heist Hax

In this game mode there will be two teams having 3 players each and they will go head to head where one team will try to defend the safe while the other will try to take it. Here you can use El Primo and colt to offense them and use Jessie for defending.

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